What is The Abuela Stories Project?

Grandmother, Abuela, Nana, Mamá- no matter what term of endearment we use to describe them, Abuelas play a pivotal role in our identity, our customs, and in our conditioning whether it be through chancletazos, gentle hugs, or in vivid memories.

The Abuela Stories Project presented by Robleswrites Productions intends to highlight the essence of Abuelas, their guidance, distinctive personalities, and detriments through original works of poetry, prose, and photography. Award winning poet Peggy Robles-Alvarado created this project after becoming an Abuela in her early thirties and as an act of creative rebellion against those who found little value in stories about these modern day matriarchs. Peggy seeks to depict Abuelas whose roles and delineations continue to evolve within present day parameters.

Peggy has partnered with Bronx based visual artist and photographer Daisy Arroyo. Daisy photographed several Abuelas while engaging them in candid conversations about the moments in their lives that helped strengthen their title of Abuela. Her images will serve as inspiration for a group of invited female writers to create passionate and sometimes painful original works that tell of Abuelas and the lives they have touched.

The Abuela Stories Project is in the early phase of production where photography and writing is in development. The website abuelastories.com is also in progress under Robleswrites Productions. The goal of this project it to create an anthology of original photographs and writing. The Abuela Stories Project will have gallery exhibitions and several readings to promote the book.

Peggy Robles-Alvarado and Daisy Arroyo are bringing distinct Abuelas out of the kitchen, from past memory into present day, and into the spotlight, to take an intimate look at the lessons they offer new generations.

This is not just another Abuela story, this is THE ABUELA STORIES PROJECT!



Peggy Robles-Alvarado

Peggy Robles-Alvarado is a tenured New York City educator and award winning poet who inspires triumph and embodies strength. She is a 2014 CantoMundo Poetry Fellow and a BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) Award winner. In 2012 she became the recipient of the Mujeres Destacadas Award, a recognition given annually by El Diario-La Prensa to the most outstanding women in the Latino community and The Womyn Warrior Award presented by Casa Atabex Aché. Her first book, Conversations With My Skin, was awarded second place in the category of Best Poetry Book in English in the 2012 International Latino Book Awards. In 2013, her second book Homenaje A Las Guerreras/ Homage to The Warrior Women was awarded second place for Best Bilingual Poetry Book and Best Cover Design. In 2013 she also was awarded The Tato Laviera Poetic Teamster Award given by the Teamsters Union Local 237. Read more >>


Daisy Arroyo

Daisy Arroyo is a Bronx Artist that evokes visual pleasure and has always found inspiration from her urban roots. Her artistic journey started at an early age in the Sound View Section of the Bronx and has recently flourished in photography where she captures the essence of life and art in unexpected places, shadows, and reflections. Her work has been exhibited in at The Abrons Arts Center as part of the Perspectives From New York City collection, at The Soho Digital Art Gallery as part of the Springing Through The Lens showcase both premiering spring of 2013. She was also the featured photographer at Canvas Of Words: Framing Love, a sold out arts event in Queens in the winter of 2014. Daisy has participated in on location photography shoots at the International Beauty Show at The Jacob Javits Center, at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, and various events sponsored by New York Fashion Shows, a company that specializes in showcasing various designers such as Project Runway’s winner Irina Shabayeva, Celebrity Designer Michael Costello and Long Champ throughout the year. Most recently, Daisy’s keen eye and artistry behind the camera has led her to collaborate with artisans, spoken word artists, and writers from the tri-state area to document the power of words and memory and one of her photographs will be the cover art for a forthcoming Bronx Memoir Project to be published by the Bronx Writers Center. To learn more about Daisy Arroyo and her work please contact her at dnova310@aol.com. Or visit her webpsite dnova310

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