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Peggy Robles-Alvarado’s third book will debut on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at The Bronx Museum of the Arts
The evening will include a reading by contributing writers, a photography exhibition and some surprises!

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Abuela Stories

The Abuela Stories Project

Grandmother, Abuela, Nana, Mamá- no matter what term of endearment we use to describe them, Abuelas play a pivotal role in our identity, our customs, and in our conditioning whether it be through reprimands, gentle hugs or vivid memories. “The Abuela Stories Project”, an anthology available online at and, highlights the essence of Abuelas, their guidance, distinctive personalities, and detriments through original works of poetry, prose and photography. 

Award winning poet Peggy Robles-Alvarado partnered with Bronx based visual artist and photographer Daisy Arroyo to capture Abuelas as artists, dancers, drummers and rebels redefining themselves. These images served as inspiration to a group of women writers who created passionate and sometimes painful original works that tell of Abuelas and the lives they have touched. “The Abuela Stories Project” is bringing distinct Abuelas out of the kitchen, from past memory into a present day spotlight, to take an intimate look at the lessons they offer new generations.

Following the sweeping success of her award winning poetic memoir “Conversations with My Skin” and a to-capacity book launch for her second poetry and prose collection “Homenaje a las guerreras/Homage to the Warrior Women,” Peggy Robles-Alvarado is thrilled to announce the completion of her most recent title “The Abuela Stories Project”. She devised this project after becoming an Abuela in her early thirties and as an act of creative rebellion against those who found little value in stories about these modern day matriarchs. Peggy depicts Abuelas whose roles and delineations continue to evolve within present day parameters. 

bringing abuelas out of the kitchen and into the spotlight

By Peggy Robles-Alvarado

About Peggy Robles-Alvarado

Hailing from the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, the Dominican and Puerto Rican author Peggy Robles-Alvarado utilized her affinity for language and developed the talent that eventually earned her several scholarships, enabling her to transform her identity from teen mother to the recipient of master’s degrees in elementary and bilingual education. Not only is she a passionate elementary school educator and writer, she is also a CantoMundo, Academy for Teachers and Home School Fellow as well as a two time International Latino Book Award winner currently pursuing her MFA in Performance and Performance Studies at Pratt Institute. She is a 2014 BRIO performance poet award winner and in 2016 she was named one of the 25 Most Influential Women of the Bronx, a BCA Arts Fund and Spaceworks Bronx Community Artist grant recipient. 

Peggy has been published in 92Y’s #wordswelivein, NACLA, The Center for Puerto Rican Studies, and The Bronx Memoir Project. She has been featured on HBO Habla Women, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Poets and Writers Connecting Cultures Reading, and The BADD!ASS Women Festival. Peggy's emphasis on the value of words for healing, transformation, and the fostering of a positive cultural identity have allowed her to continuously create and support literary events through Robleswrites Productions. For more information on Peggy Robles- Alvarado, her books, or upcoming performances please visit or email her at

About Daisy Arroyo

Daisy Arroyo is a Bronx artist that evokes visual pleasure and has always found inspiration from her urban roots. Her artistic journey started at an early age in the Sound View Section of the Bronx and has recently flourished in photography where she captures the essence of life and art in unexpected places, shadows, and reflections. Her work has been exhibited in at The Abrons Arts Center as part of the Perspectives from New York City Collection, at The Soho Digital Art Gallery as part of the Springing Through The Lens showcase both premiering spring of 2013. 

Daisy has participated in on location photography shoots at the International Beauty Show at The Jacob Javits Center, at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, Bronx Fashion Week and various events sponsored by New York Fashion Shows, a company that specializes in showcasing various designers such as Project Runway’s winner Irina Shabayeva, Celebrity Designer Michael Costello and Long Champ throughout the year. Most recently, Daisy’s keen eye and artistry behind the camera has led her to collaborate with artisans, spoken word artists, and writers from the tri-state area to document the power of words and memory. One of her photographs serves as cover art for The Bronx Memoir Project published by the Bronx Writers Center. To learn more about Daisy Arroyo and her work please contact her at


By Daisy Arroyo