The Abuela Stories Project

The Abuela Stories Project Digital Archive provides free public access to a platform that makes space for and gives light to the non-traditional matriarchs, Abuelas or grandmothers.

This digital archive is an extension of an interactive art installation inspired by the anthology titled, “The Abuela Stories Project”, published in 2016.

Created by Peggy Robles-Alvarado, founder of Robleswrites Productions, Inc.
This archive seeks to make space for Abuela stories and present them to the public,
in order to maintain this art of storytelling and preserve the hearts and souls of these women.

Additionally, this site will be updated to include the progress of this platform and provide information on future events.

Please note all stories shared here in this digital archive, as presented in this platform and any future derivative work or exhibit carries copyright ownership rights for Robleswrites Productions, Inc.

Each individual Abuela story carries copyright ownership rights for the donor author.
Permission is required for reproduction or any use requiring copyright owner permission.

For more information on the use of the content on this site, please see our Terms of Use page, or to request a license of protected content, please contact Robleswrites Productions, Inc. at

Other titles

- Homenaje a las Guerreras/Homage To The Warrior Women
- Conversations With My Skin.